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When people need corporate apparel, uniforms, or promotional products, they come to you.

When they need the technological expertise to build and maintain a time- and money-saving ecommerce store, they come to us.

Uniform and company stores alike trust Speartek for their online ordering needs. By partnering with Speartek, apparel distributors are able to take their focus off order management and focus instead on production and distribution.

Contact us to learn how your business can save time and money by choosing a Speartek technology solution and ecommerce platform.

Eagle Transport

A store where employees of Eagle Transport can order Eagle Transport branded uniforms and products,

Old Dominion Employee Store

A store where employees of Old Dominion Employee Store can order Old Dominion Employee Store branded uniforms and p... read more

MetroPCS Uniforms

A store where employees of MetroPCS can order MetroPCS branded uniforms and products,

Dickey's BBQ Company Store

The official employee store for Dickey's Barbecue.


The Agilysys Company Store is an internal site for employee use. They sell Agilysys branded products like apparel,... read more

Pacific & Maine

Pacific & Maine is outfitting America's energy producers with safety gear and fire resistant apparel. They ... read more

Power Uniforms Store

The Power Uniforms Store offers everything employees need to stay safe on the job.

Hiland Uniform Store

The Hiland Uniform Store offers everything employees need to stay safe on the job.

Barriere Construction Store

The Barriere Construction Store allows employees to shop for high quality employee wearables and a variety of corpo... read more

Ben & Jerry's

The Ben & Jerry's online store serves franchisees as they order apparel for store employees and promotional... read more

Nuverra Store

Nuverra Store offers everything employees need to stay safe on the job.