Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Our calculator allows you to better understand the potential ROI if you were to take your business online. 
To see how it could benefit your company, input estimated or actual values for your company into the highlighted fields below. 
As you go along, our calculator will give you an estimate of your potential annual ROI.

Not sure what to input?


Part 1 - Revenue Increase Benefit

Current Company Revenue
Profit Margin % on Product Sales
Expected Minimum % Sales Increase from New Site
Estimated Increase in Revenue
Estimated Increase in Profit - Part 1 of ROI

Part 2 - Operational Cost Savings

Current Company Revenue
Average Transaction $ Amount
Approximate # of Transactions a Year
Estimated Cost of Manual Order Entry per Order (includes direct payroll cost, delays, error costs, etc.)
Total Cost of Manual Order Entry
Estimated % of Current Business that Moves Online
Estimated Revenue through Online Transactions
Estimated # of Online Transactions No Longer Requiring Manual Entry
Estimated Operational Cost Savings - Part 2 of ROI
Annual Return On Investment - Annually Recurring & Growing - From Increased Profit + Operational Cost Savings
Estimated Annual Ongoing Cost for Website License, Hosting, Integration to ERP/Accounting

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