Multi-Store e-Commerce Platform

With other e-commerce platforms, having separate website domains requires an entirely separate account and admin login. Speartek's multi store e-commerce platform allows our clients to have a single back end login but manage several sites from that one point of access. This benefits serial entrepreneurs that have multiple businesses and unique brands. It also helps wholesalers that use their branded site for selling to retailers and a separate site for selling retail to consumers.

Another type of customer that almost always has multiple online stores with us is a distributor of promotional products, corporate apparel, or employee uniforms. Companies in that promotional apparel industry use Speartek as their technology partner for each of the corporate clients that need their own branded online store to serve a large multi-location business or an organization with a large employee account that buys uniforms from the distributor.

If your business manages uniform programs or corporate apparel and promotions for several accounts where the larger accounts are worthy of their own store, maybe Speartek is the right partner for you. If your current company store provider doesn't support your custom development requirements or isn't invested enough in your success to help you land a new account, then maybe you have the wrong partner. Let us show you how our company store website solutions can take your business to improved profitability and help your sales team close new accounts.

Why Choose Speartek?

  • Hundreds of successful site launches for wholesale and distribution businesses.

  • We offer different pricing levels by customer type, including customer-specific pricing.

  • Our team understands the unique business needs of wholesale companies.

  • Our Atlanta, Georgia based team responds to 100% of customer inquiries within 1 business day.