Speartek Features

The Speartek platform was built for the needs of product-based business – manufacturers or product importers that sell wholesale to retailers or through distribution. All of our features are part of our platform and developed by us which allows us to deliver a fully supported and stable solution to our clients.

A few of the core features of our platform that meet the needs of business to business e-commerce are:

  • Multiple customer types – retail, wholesale, distributor, etc. With this feature you can also have variations of a customer type so that different price levels can be assigned to different customers.
  • Payment methods in checkout by customer type – Credit card using your own merchant account, Paypal, purchase order or terms, budgets per user login, cost center, GL Codes or a combination of these.
  • Product Purchasing Rules – Common product buying rules on a wholesale or B2B world include minimum and/or incremental quantity. For some clients it may include quantity price discounts for higher volume purchases. Our platform supports these rules and they can be applied uniquely to each customer group.
  • Wholesale Reorder Tools – We recognize the difference between "ordering" and "shopping" and have built B2B specific features to get your customers through a reorder as quickly as possible. These include saving a cart for a future order or frequent reorders, creating an order quickly by just keying in valid item #s and quantity, ordering across an entire category by inputting quantity needed by each items picture, and checking items to reorder from an enhanced order history view.
  • Payment capture page for offline transactions and capturing payment on open invoices. View Example
  • Integration to Accounting & ERP - Automation of data entry reduces data entry costs and increases the ROI of the site.

While the features above are some of the highlights of what makes us a perfect fit for wholesale or B2B websites. The information below is a more detailed list of key features by type. Use this list to jump to the section you want to research:


We have a lot more so ask if you don’t see what you need!

  • Easy to user web interface with fill in the blank fields for product creation
  • Available custom shopping experiences for unique ordering requirements
  • Product import & export modules using a formatted Excel spreadsheet
  • Group based product visibility allows you to only show products to approved users
  • Min Qty, Max Qty, Incremental Qty, Case Packs
  • Pricing per group for retail + wholesale or for multiple wholesale price levels
  • Available price per customer per SKU (exception pricing for select items on a contract)
  • Quantity price breaks, can vary by customer type
  • Quick order by item # or SKU (like an order form but functional)
  • Quick order by category – input quantities for desired items
  • Saved Cart – for future order placement or frequent restock orders
  • Order from Order History – check line items from past orders and add to cart
  • Mass product image import and assignment to products
  • Unlimited product images for alternate views and images per color
  • Multiple media types including pdf files and gif images
  • Image optimization for products and categories
  • Unlimited products and categories
  • User defined fields for highlighting key product features, add as you need them
  • Cart Edit – allows user to change any of the items in the cart – qty and variations
  • You are almost there! This looong list of awesomeness is almost over
  • Attribute management for any product variables (size, color, etc.)
  • Attribute markups for size upcharges, etc.
  • Optional SKUs in addition to Item # field. Typically used for integrated sites
  • UPC code at Item# and/or SKU level
  • Inventory management screens for updating Qty on hand, or inventory imports
  • Option to allow or block backorders on a per SKU basis
  • Custom out of stock and availability notes, per item or SKU
  • Inventory on hand display including multiple warehouses
  • Multiple shop capabilities – for clients that own several businesses
  • SEO data management at product and category levels (page titles, etc.)
  • Product filter management – for large sites that need to have filters to simplify shopping process
  • Google Shopping management – connect to category structure of Google Shopping, data also used for social shopping via Facebook and Instagram
  • Cross selling of related products – "you may also like"
  • Inventory on hand automated updates via system integrations
  • Back in stock notifications and sign up form
  • Product reviews via Yotpo
  • Downloadable Products – purchase and receive download link in order confirm


  • All checkout rules can be defined uniquely per group - Retail vs Wholesale, or Wholesale Credit Card vs Wholesale Terms
  • Custom checkout functionality available to meet unique business requirements
  • Real Time shipping rate calculator via USPS, UPS, FedEx
  • Manual rate options based on dollar amount of order or free shipping over $X
  • Address book functionality for customers to maintain multiple ship to addresses
  • Automatic sales tax calculations for only the states that you need to collect for
  • Tax exempt for wholesale or other non-taxable sales
  • Purchase Order checkout with flexibility on data captured – PO#, Cost Center, GL Code, etc.
  • Credit card processing with options for direct charge or authorize only
  • Ability to authorize a % over the product total for larger wholesale orders with TBD shipping
  • Multiple processor options, all using your own account – Authorize.net, Payments Pro from Paypal, Ironwood Payments / Paytrace, CardConnect’s CardPoint. Ironwood and CardConnect specialize in B2B or corporate card processing and can often reduce costs on wholesale orders
  • PCI Compliant – protects your business and your customers
  • No transaction fees charged by Speartek on any orders, regardless of payment method
  • Invoice Payment Solution – A professional payment page that allows customers to pay an open invoice using their credit card. Seamlessly imbedded into your site
  • View Abandoned Cart data (powered by Mail Chimp integration)
  • Customize order confirmation emails, including unique messaging by customer group
  • Customize packing slips, order shipped notifications
  • Promotional codes for $ off, % off, free shipping
  • Checkout configuration including customizable questions and field labels
  • On demand sales reports – by customer, by category, by product
  • Optional integration to accounting systems, ERP, warehouse management, shipping – examples of systems include all versions of Quickbooks, all versions of SAGE, SAP, Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics, ShipStation, Sales Force/Accounting Seed, and numerous others. Any system that has the ability to import orders can be integrated to and this automates the order entry process, saving significant administrative costs.


  • Web based HTML editor, much like Microsoft Word
  • Custom design friendly, templates can be built to match unique designs
  • Templates available for lower budget, quick launch projects
  • Responsive sites for scaling to device size (computer / tablet / mobile)
  • Shared page elements like header and footer
  • Copy page / create new pages
  • Versioning so that a roll back is easy
  • Audit trail to see user id on past edits
  • Viewing security using site user groups
  • SEO abilities at page level – page title and meta data


  • Accounting, ERP, Warehouse Management, Order Management, Shipping Software, Others
    • Quickbooks – all versions
    • Synqware (3rd party integration application that works with Quickbooks and other systems)
    • SAGE – all versions
    • Netsuite
    • SAP
    • Great Plains
    • Microsoft Dynamics & GP
    • ShipStation
    • MailChimp
    • Yotpo Product Reviews
    • Retail Pro Point of Sale
  • HR Systems for automated population of employee & authorized users
  • Single Sign On integrations
  • Ariba and other procurement systems using Punch Out technology
  • Not listed? We build custom integrations to any system that has data exchange capabilities


  • Multiple user groups (Example: Employees, Marketing, Corporate)
  • Shopping rules by group – product visibility, price, shipping, payment method
  • Checkout payment method flexibility to meet internal use store needs:
    • Credit Card
    • Budget per User
    • Purchase Orders
    • Cost Center or GL Codes
    • Payroll Deduct
  • Secured sites via required login or Single Sign On
  • Integrations to HR Dept for sites that serve 1000’s of employees
  • Custom functionality and business rules
  • Pre-populated shipping or shipping to only approved client locations
  • Multi Store platform – manage several unique company stores from a single back end
  • Integration to fulfillment warehouses
  • Bulk order tools for ordering across a size range (Grid view of all sizes, etc.)
  • Partner assistance – we help promotional product and uniform distributors define the requirements of a project and even assist them in the sales process

Speartek – big enough to deliver amazing results, but small enough to give our clients personal attention.

We know every single customer. The reason that is important is that with a system that has such an extensive feature set, our clients will occasionally need some guidance for something they have forgotten or just not used in months. When clients call or email our support team, we have consistent resources that help them every time. People that know the person on the other end of the phone, the website they need help with, and the unique business needs of that company. That level of support is how we would want to be treated and its an important factor when we ask our clients if they are happy. You will get a human voice when you call and we’ll channel our southern hospitality into a productive conversation that delivers the information you need. Our support hours are Monday – Friday from 9 am to 6pm EST for general site management questions. Critical support is 24/7 as we have programs that monitor the health and performance of our hosting environment and notify our team if anything is not functioning as it should. Support is available via phone or email or clients can review our help documentation or send in their questions using our support contact form. The only thing better than a great B2B e-Commerce platform is one that has friendly people behind it.


Just some cool stuff you might need

  • Customize user admin access – limit your site administrators to only what you want them to see.
  • Google Analytics for site traffic statistics.
  • Retailer or Store Locator – Search by Zip or State, show results using embedded Google Maps.
  • Can be integrated to MailChimp for automated abandoned cart emails and tracking.
  • Super User Functionality – Allows customer service or sales reps to login to a single account and place an order on behalf of a customer. Helpful with integrated sites.
  • Business account registration with custom data fields for Sales Tax Id, Customer Account #, etc.
  • New account approval process or auto approval of registrations.
  • User management for adding new login accounts through back end.
  • Custom data fields per user login for tracking customer ID, Sales person ID, other data as needed.
  • User Export to Excel.
  • Budget Management – ability to assign budgets to user logins and adjust balances individually or across an entire group of users.
  • Contact Forms – ability to create or edit data collection/contact forms and drop into a page.
  • Email Sign Up – Collect contact info for prospects and future marketing.