Case Study: India Arts

New Website Nearly Doubles Online Revenue for B2B Sales in 2 Years

Project Overview

In 2012, we launched a redesigned website for The old site had a very dated and basic design that only showed a home page of information outside of a login, and that page had no branding or design. The new site was aesthetically designed to much more effectively present the India Arts brand and market an extensive line of home décor and accessories within a broad-themed category. The new design has been a huge success, and was immediately embraced by the India Arts customer base of wholesale buyers for retail stores. Online volume was strong at the very beginning, operating at a $500K annualized rate from the first month. That success level has continued to grow with 32% growth from 2012 to 2013 and continued growth into 2014 of 36% which represents a nearly doubling of online revenue from B2B sales in 2 years.

Integration is valuable, even if delayed by a few years. In the fall of 2014, the order volume had reached a point for India Arts that automating the data entry process was a requirement. While the number of orders could be manageable, the number of items ordered justified the integration. In October 2014, over 10,000 items were purchased online. This integration required a data feed into SAGE 200, a widely used accounting and ERP application used by both manufacturers and distributors. For this integration, we partnered with a 3rd-party firm that specializes in sitting between the website and accounting / ERP. Synqware has integrated to every commonly used accounting and ERP application for both ecommerce needs and hand-held ordering devices common in tradeshows and wholesale showrooms. The integration was a smooth process, and has brought great time savings to India Arts. Ravi Lal from India Arts said, “The time savings are noticeable. To give you a rough idea of the time savings, it took us an average of 5-10 minutes per order for our average sized order and 15-30 minutes for larger orders to enter and print. Now within 5-10 minutes we can process a batch of 3-5 orders regardless of order size.” So 5 typical orders that would have taken over an hour to enter in and process are now batch processed in a matter of minutes.

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