Case Study: Dynasty Gallery

Website Redesign Increases B2B Sales by Over 500%

Project Overview

Like many wholesale / B2B companies in the gift industry, Dynasty had a web presence and even offered wholesale online ordering to their customers through a login. But the design of the site didn’t match the beauty of the unique home décor art that Dynasty sells and the ordering experience was not easy to follow. We worked to design a website that was visually engaging using artistically-focused lifestyle product shots in a homepage design that used those images as a full-screen slide show with navigation elements and content as an overlay on these powerful images. We also significantly improved the shopping experience with an intuitive user experience and wholesale-specific features such as a quick order view on each category and a tool to save an order for items that are reordered on a frequent basis. B2B sales increased by over 500% within the first year, and the website has become a valuable tool in how Dynasty captures reorders from their retailers after and between tradeshows.

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