Speartek has extensive experience in successfully partnering with marketing agencies, uniform and corporate apparel distributors, and fulfillment warehouses to provide technology and services tailored to fit each client’s needs.

Client relationships are important, but many partners cannot handle the day-to-day maintenance questions and support needs of their customers. Often, agencies design a project, but don’t want to build the extensive in-house development teams necessary to complete it. Speartek understands this, and strives to provide development, hosting, and support services for partner agencies while allowing for flexible, accommodating project and hosting agreements.

Integration & Technology Partners

Integrating the activity on your website to an accounting, ERP, or Point of Sale system is essential in higher volume situations.  An integration automates the entry of orders into the system used by the business for order management, invoicing, and revenue recognition.  Integrations can also exchange data such as inventory on hand, order status, and shipping details with the client's business management system, their third-party fulfillment provider, or both.  While we can handle these integrations directly, a more efficient way to enable these connections can often be a third-party integration expert.  We have partnered with Synqware on many projects, minimizing risk for us and our clients and reducing implementation costs. 

Marketing Partners

Marketing agencies focus on branding, design and strategy for their clients, but they need a stable technology platform when working on the web. As a technology partner, Speartek provides agencies with the experience and methodology to ensure the success of a web-based project or campaign. An example of this partnership is Atlanta based Metafour that provides design and branding services through a boutique agency. They work with small and medium sized organizations that need help defining or redefining their image, brand, and corporate message.

Whether the project requires third-party integrations, B2B ecommerce, or custom functionality, Speartek has the expertise to give the agency client a unique edge in the market.

Our agency partner rates are discounted so the agency's proposal will be cost competitive, while still allowing the agency to capture additional margin on the development portion of the project. Once the project is defined, we provide an estimate of the time and costs for our portion of the project, enabling our partner agencies to engage us as a subcontractor or connect us directly to the client.

Speartek is also a sponsor of Product Genius which is a podcast show available on iHeartRadio and several other platforms. The host of the show Tiffany Krumins was the first winner of Shark Tank and has created this show to help product inventors and startups navigate the crazy world of starting a new product based business. You can listen to each show with Speartek as the in-studio guest.

Corporate Apparel and Uniform Distributors

Designing a site for a corporate apparel or uniform distributor is extremely challenging. Unique business rules, purchasing requirements, and shipping solutions mean that every site is a custom production, even among different brands from the same distributor. Add in unique payment methods, public product visibility restrictions, and fluctuating cost center charges...and you have a complicated problem to solve.

Fortunately, Speartek provides custom-fit solutions to overcome any scenario. Our powerful platform can adapt to any business rules, visibility restrictions, shipping requirements, and payment procedures your business requires. Our system can easily handle credit cards, purchase orders, cost centers, budget allocations, payroll deductions, or all of the above. We give distributors the simplicity and flexibility to deliver a unique company store for each of their clients.

Some of our satisfied uniform and apparel distribution partners include:

Fulfillment Warehouses

Fulfillment warehouses rely on efficiency and accuracy to successfully compete in the world of “pick, pack, and ship” warehousing. Fulfillment companies need a robust platform that ensures accuracy, stability, and speed.

Speartek’s online ordering solutions allow clients to send orders from a user-friendly web interface, seamlessly transmitting the information to warehouse management systems for processing and shipping.

When same-day shipping and rapid order processing is a requirement, clients like these turn to Speartek:

Credit Card Processing

Taking payments via credit card is often a requirement in online selling and collecting invoice payments so it can be commonly viewed as a cost of doing business. It does not however need to be an out of control cost. A merchant processing statement that shows the fees you pay for charging credit cards can be an overwhelming and almost depressing document. The costs can be much higher than you might expect and the breakdown of fees hard to understand. The fees on B2B cards have traditionally been higher but they don’t have to be. Speartek has partnered with and integrated to processors that specialize in B2B cards and treat them as lower risk, lower cost transactions through Level 3 processing, technology that inherently knows that the corporate card being used is a commonly used card that can be trusted. So in addition to industry leaders and PaymentsPro from PayPal, Speartek can connect your ecommerce website to processing technology from Ironwood and CardConnect. We intentionally have developed integrations to 4 platforms so that each client can independently negotiate the best rate for how they transact business.

Ironwood is helping Speartek customers with their online transactions on Speartek hosted websites but also with offline orders that are captured at tradeshows and directly within their accounting systems. They have a payment processing engine that seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks and that solution helps small businesses improve their rates and reduce their PCI compliance headaches. You can contact Ironwood through our site and get a no cost / no obligation review of your processing costs. 

CardConnect focuses on B2B and can often be seen at product focused tradeshows in several industries. CardConnect and Speartek share mutual clients and have a number of customers in the gift industry. To have CardConnect evaluate your processing costs, please contact them.  Paying too much for processing? Interchange Optimization can help! This process reduces the amount of interchange fees you pay on each Level 2 and Level 3 transaction. Interested in learning more? You can get more information at CardConnect’s resource center, LaunchPointe