All hosting is not created equal.

And as a business owner, you’re likely concerned about the following:

  • Is my data secure? What about my customer data?
  • How much bandwidth will I have?
  • What can I expect with respect to uptime?
  • What happens if my site goes down? Will I be able to reach someone to help me?
  • How much will hosting cost?

Hosting isn’t something that you should have to worry about.

That’s why at Speartek, we start with certified PCI Compliant security measures, ensuring peace of mind for our customers and theirs. Failing to use a PCI Compliant solution can result in compromised data, along with heavy fines from Visa and other credit card processors.

From there, we build a hardware solution that provides faster, more reliable connections that virtually eliminate outages & downtime.

Our VMware powered infrastructure serves up sites from multiple servers in our SaaS70 certified data center via dynamic routing technology. This means that clients get a connection that is up to 30% faster than traditional hosting and consumes less power than a standard bank of servers.

This commitment to eco-friendly technology delivers the speed, stability, performance and uptime that our clients demand. And in the unlikely event that something does happen, our technicians are here to support you.

For the company that’s just getting started or the business with thousands of visitors a month, we have affordable solutions that can fit your budget. Contact us today.