about us

Founded in 1999, Speartek provides unparalleled design, development, and hosting solutions to companies of all sizes. Speartek’s versatile applications empower businesses to update content, manage online stores, and create email-marketing campaigns with ease.

The Speartek team includes application development experts, web design specialists, experienced project managers, and a team of US based customer support professionals.

Leading Speartek since the beginning is co-founder Derek Griffin. Derek brings business acumen and implementation experience from a decade as a CPA specializing in small business financial services, and years serving as CFO of a $20 million manufacturing company. As the President of Speartek, Derek has consulted with companies from a variety of industries to define and implement projects that bring both top line and bottom line value. The wholesale and B2B knowledge and experience of this team has no parallel.

The experience, passion, and expertise on the Speartek team enable us to deliver bottom line-driven solutions that help businesses succeed on the web.

Contact us for more information on how we can transform your organization’s online presence and create new business opportunities and achievements through technology.