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Our Content Management System Allows You to Easily Maintain your B2B Ecommerce Website

Our strength is B2B ecommerce but all businesses and organizations have general information that needs to be easily updated from time to time. FAQs and a tradeshow schedule are examples of content pages that need frequent updating. With our easy to use content management system, the entire site is editable. Gone are the days of emailing the "webmaster" and requesting changes that seem to take forever to see on the site. Now you just login and make the edits yourself.

A CMS (Content Management System) is a simple, cost-effective solution for organizations that need to keep their websites up-to-date without programming or HTML knowledge. Plainly put, a CMS enables clients to make changes through a simple, word processor-style interface, not complicated lines of code.

In addition to product companies, we often work with non-ecommerce businesses or organizations that simply need a tool for managing larger informational sites and want the added benefit of having a supported solution so that help is there when they need it. With a robust content management solution and our new online invoice payment option, Speartek gives just about any business what it needs for their website presence.

Click here for a list of key features available in the Speartek CMS.

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