e-Commerce Website Design

We are experts at designing B2B e-commerce websites. Each clients site is designed to maximize their brand identity and do the best job of merchandising their products. The best way to accomplish that is a custom website design and in twenty years we have gotten really good at it. The end result might be an elegant, beautiful website – or it might be a strong, industrial website. It really depends on the client, the product, and the target audience. We work with our clients to understand their brand goals, creative direction, and the business rules that need to be incorporated into how they sell online. The end results are impressive and help our clients get a more rapid return on investment.

What does that all mean for your company?

We build sites that work for YOUR B2B e-commerce needs.

Whether a new design or a redesign, we carefully match each client with a specific designer based on their needs. Our project managers ensure that every site we build is consistent with both the client's brand and the latest standards of web design. Most importantly, our sites are created with the end user in mind — your customers. We incorporate user experience best practices to increase site interaction and create wireframes to map out the flow of the site even before the graphic design process starts.

Check out a few examples of our completed wholesale e-commerce projects.

View an example of how we define the user experience prior to design using a wireframe to document the flow of the site.

Great organizations like yours choose Speartek every day because of our:

  • Extensive experience and knowledge of the web design industry
  • Unmatched design, development, and hosting solutions
  • Project timelines and realistic expectations set from each project kickoff
  • Clear communication and transparency

We believe that having an experienced, professional web design firm is far more important than having one in the neighborhood. And based on the number of clients we've rescued from the "local guy", our successful project launches are all the proof our clients need.

From our offices in Atlanta, GA, we serve businesses all over the country and the world. As a technology partner to agencies and product companies, we know how to develop designs into creative, breathtaking solutions for any industry and any budget. Is your business ready to finally look better than your competition? Let's get started.

Why Choose Speartek?

  • Hundreds of successful site launches for wholesale and distribution businesses.

  • We offer different pricing levels by customer type, including customer-specific pricing.

  • Our team understands the unique business needs of wholesale companies.

  • Our Atlanta, Georgia based team responds to 100% of customer inquiries within 1 business day.