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Looking for a customizable ecommerce solution designed for non-profits?

Speartek's intuitive platform helps non-profits just like yours publish rich, informative content, drive sales and tourism, and increase supporting donations. Not to mention, we built our platform so that volunteers can contribute to the site easily - - without needing extensive training or computer expertise.

As a technology partner for several leading non-profit organizations, museums, and associations, Speartek listens to the unique needs and requirements of our clients and delivers custom content management and ecommerce solutions. What's more, our product can work for your budget and is easy to use.

Grand Teton Association

The Grand Teton Association (GTA), founded in 1937, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and has a long history... read more

Yosemite Conservancy Store

The Yosemite Conservancy is a non-profit membership organization that provides opportunities for people to learn, e... read more

Mount Rushmore Society

The Mount Rushmore History Association operates three bookstores and the audio tour at Mount Rushmore National Memo... read more

Milwaukee Art Museum

The Milwaukee Art Museum offers a unique assortment of award-winning, art-inspired home and office accessories, bea... read more

Jefferson National Parks Assoc.

Jefferson National Parks Association provides quality education products and related services that enrich public un... read more

U.S. Capitol Historical Society

The U.S. Capitol Historical Society's online gift shop offers a wide selection of books on the Capitol building... read more