Case Study: Landway

Website Redesign, Easier Online Ordering, and ERP Integration Bring Exponential Growth and Time-Saving Automation

Project Overview

Redesign for Ecommerce Success 

Landway is a wholesale distributor of fleece, softshells, and outerwear primarily for the promotional and decorated apparel market. 

Prior to a website redesign, utilized a basic “template” site that was limited in branding and product data presentation format. For online ordering, customers would login directly to the company's ERP system for submitting orders online. This system was functional, but not user friendly at all. It was similar to the data entry screens that internal users would utilize for call-in orders from customers. Due to the usability challenges and not following best practices for online ordering, the web order volume was negligible. Landway customers just would not embrace that option for online ordering. In July 2014, Speartek worked with Landway to design a website that professionally represented the Landway brand and also delivered an exceptional user experience for distributor accounts that needed access to inventory on hand and online ordering. The acceptance by distributors was broad and immediate, breaking a 6-figure per month online revenue within the first few months. The product detail page layout was customized to address quantity price breaks, several colors and sizes for each style, and a grid display that displayed inventory by SKU and allowed users to order across a size and color matrix from a single screen. In only 5 months, order volume per month has reached nearly a quarter million dollars for 12,000 units in over 600 orders per month and was the most productive member of the "customer service team,” according to Colleen Mitchell, Landway Operations Manager.

Integration for Operational Efficiency and Savings
Landway uses a system from Pic Business called E-Pic. This is an ERP system that is cloud-based and apparel industry-specific. Speartek collaborated with E-Pic consultants to exchange inventory on hand data to be able to reflect current stock levels to users. We also are transmitting completed website transaction data via web services to E-Pic in a way that creates the sales order without any human involvement, automating the data entry requirement. When we asked our client about the impact to their business, Colleen stated: “The website processed 464 orders in Oct. and was the most productive member of the customer service team. The three other customer service reps processed 446, 399, and 327 orders respectively for the month. For us it’s not about saving time. It’s about harnessing the potential and productivity of our customer service team to do so much more than simply order entry. As the website takes care of the manual order entry piece, our 3 customer service reps can focus on driving sales by consulting with our customers, identifying buying trends, and suggesting other relevant products as needed. In the near future, we expect an order specialist will be able to manage 1200+ website orders a month.” It is obvious that the benefits and return on investment of an integration are immediate and recognizable, but many organizations delay this much-needed technology solution and in the end pay far more in ongoing payroll dollars to have those orders keyed in.

When we bring the website redesign and integration together and asked our client to sum up our value to their organization and what our solutions have done, we received the kind of response that we strive for in each project. Operations Manager Colleen Mitchell had this to say: “In selecting Speartek, we really had to focus on the value that we would receive from any company that would be heading up our website redevelopment and shopping cart integration. We sat through many webinars and received quotes that ranged from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In speaking with Derek, we really felt as if he understood what we needed to both harness the opportunities for growth/productivity and also not break the bank while doing it. Everything that was possible was discussed, but Speartek only recommended the items that were needed. When we would ask about add-ons or bells and whistles, he would let us know if it was an unnecessary expense now and how we would re-evaluate that option as we passed specific ecommerce or website traffic thresholds in the future. Once we signed on with Speartek we were also able to break down the objectives and project implementation into phases which allowed us to see the results of each phase, realize our ROI, and proceed to each new phase and implementation with more confidence. All in all, we feel that we have found an ecommerce partner in Speartek who will help guide us in this space for years to come.”

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